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Style-City Music, is here to help you setup your next event. Whether you are looking for audio, lighting  or video, we can provide the event services and equipment rentals you need.

When you need someone who can capture your live event, and create the video images that will help you get your message out, we are there also. More than just rentals we can provide the people necessary to operate the equipment, camera operators, audio engineers, and A/V techs are here to help you.

What we do is make your product, event, or idea shine We are Style-City Music, and we are more than just an event company we "Create Art."

Style-City Music
P.O. Box 40403
Saint Petersburg, FL 33743

"Steve B. was A blessing to my project Shadows of the Mind on many levels. Upon explaining to him what I wanted, I started to feel like I was talking to a mirror. He had the imagination and the professional experience that I was looking for. He was professional to say the least and the term artist fits him wonderfully!"



“Steven's a great collaborator. He listens carefully to what you need and comes up with actionable solutions...always fearlessly creative. Reliable, thoughtful, committed.”



“Steve Berry has been a great student and is very talented not only in the music field but also with all aspects as far as recording,video and production. I highly recommend him for any of his work that you would need”


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