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Enhance Your Presentation; 3 Tips

Event Production, Lighting, Audio, & Video 

Video Walls

Meetings today rely heavily on multimedia tools such as PowerPoint. The benefit of adding a video wall to your presentation is that this robust material can now be viewed by a larger audience. Video walls help you increase your audience size while at the same time making it easier for attendees to see. A video wall will also help to keep your audience engaged. The screen helps to provide a focal point which keeps the attention on the presentation. 

Wireless Microphones and Sound Systems

Now that you've made sure your message is seen, you also want to make sure your message is heard. Meetings and conventions can be noisy environments, not just from attendees, or hotel staff moving about, but even things in the environment such as AC units can keep our message from being heard. Wireless microphones and PA systems make sure your message is heard loud and clear over the noise. One advantage of wireless microphones is that it allows the presenter to move about and engage with audience. Wireless microphones also allow for flexibility in the presenter’s style since they can be headset, lapel, or handheld. The benefit of adding a sound system is the presenter can be heard without having to strain to be understood in a large room.

Pipe and Drape with Up Lights

Never underestimate the value of adding a simple pipe and drape setup with a few up lights. Drape and up lights can drastically transform a small hotel or conference room into a stage, further drawing attention to the presenter. The effect can add dimension separating the presenter space from the rest of the room. Even a simple design can make a presentation look more professional and impressive to attendees.

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