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style-city music presents

Style-City Music, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation EIN 58-2434506  based out of the Tampa bay area organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes.  Specifically, this organization has been formed to promote the arts and culture.​

The program we sponsor is entitled: Style-City Music Presents. We further our purposes under this program by promoting the arts primarily through a 30 minute music video program created for public television. Also we want to help eliminate prejudice and discrimination by showcasing and uniting multicultural artist, and promoting the arts to a variety of communities throughout the United States.

Promotion of the arts through television media – we provide an outlet for musicians and singers to showcase their talent on television a modern version similar to programming produced on PBS.


Style-City Music Presents has been on the air since January 2010, has produced over 800 episodes of the TV show, been aired on over 300 TV stations, and has given television exposure to thousands of signed and unsigned recording artist. 

Show Description:

"Be sure to tune in to Style-City Music Presents – for nonstop music videos. Cause we’re bringing you some of the best music videos from all over the world. You’ll enjoy A unique blend of Pop, Rock, R&B and Country. Be sure to tune in to this channel - Because Style-City Music presents -some of the best from the music industry underground."

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