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Corporate events


The main request Style-City Music, Inc has received from customers is to provide a complete custom audio/video solution for corporate events.

Video can be either a single 10' x 20' video wall or two 8' x 14' video walls on either side of the stage, along with 50' of pipe and drape to give a clean presentation.


Pipe and drape will typically include up lighting on the drape to add depth. Additional lighting solutions may include simple leko light trees to illuminate the presenter at the podium.


Style-City Music, Inc provides corporate events with options for live image magnification at the event for the audience to see, along with the ability to fully record the event.

Clients can choose 1, 2, or 3 camera set up for any event. We are known for providing experienced operators and crew.


Audio solutions such as podium microphones, push to talk microphones for multiple presenters, hand held wireless, or lapel microphones allow for a range of choices.

Audio playback is a clean system with multiple speaker cabinets on stands to adapt to different room sizes and configurations.

Everything you need for corporate events, contact us below for custom quote.

Phone: 727-520-2336


Address: 2101 Starkey Rd D15, Largo FL 33771

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